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About Our Team

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The Practice was started in 1977 in Anchorage, Alaska. David’s family moved to Alaska in 1961. He was born in 1949, graduated from High School in 1968 and shipped out to sea with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAH). A year later he was requested to join the military and chose to volunteer in the Army as Central Telephone Communications Specialist. After serving 18 months in Vietnam he chose to leave the service after 3 years in 1972. He began attending University of Alaska Anchorage in 1973 and in 1977 received Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. He went to work for the Internal Revenue Service in late 1975 as an office auditor and stayed with them until early 1977 when he was offered a chance to take over an existing Accounting firm that the president was retiring from.

Shortly after joining the firm David uncovered large scale embezzelment in the firm by the existing President and notified the Stockholders who immediately fired the President and requested David take over the firm. Six month later he was requested to buy out the stockholders and Horning’s Accounting and Tax Service was started. In the following 10 years David bought out two other accounting services and was President of the two largest Independant Accounting Societies in Alaska. In 1985 David hired Priscilla Box to handle the accounting department. She proved to be so valuable he offered her a partnership in the practice in 1986 and they were married in 1988.

David joined the Alaska Air National Guard in 1979 and retired from the Arizona Air National Guard in 1996. Priscilla took over the Accounting Practice in 1996 when David joined the Home Depot Team. He continued to work in Taxes and Consulting as time would allow. He stayed with Home Depot until early 2003 he had a serious injury to his left wrist which left it with very limited wrist movement. He is now working full time in the Practice again.

David & Priscilla have been providing their clients with financial counciling for the last 25 years. In 2000 David decided to go further and get his Insurance and Securities Licenses. He obtained those licenses in 2000 and is now enrolled in an 18 month College program for his Certified Planners Certificate (CFP). Many of his clients have received very poor advice from their financial consultants in the past three years and have needlessly lost much of their life savings.

David is currently spreading his time between the Tax, Insurance and Securities areas to provide their clients with the best possible service in those areas. All of those areas are key areas in providing well rounded financial security for their clients which is the long term goal of Horning’s Accounting and Tax Service

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